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 Hi ! I am Sue Corner and I am the owner of  Perfect Inspiration Antiques in the Queen  of Hearts in Alpharetta. I have been collecting for over 35 years and a dealer  for the last six. Antiques and history are  my passions and my hope is to find  gorgeous things at great prices that will  enhance your home and bring beauty into your life. Please take a look at my blog page for latest arrivals, and valuable tips and education for collectors and dealers. Click on images in the carousel gallery below for more information on displayed items.

Please remember to email me for latest availability of specific items - thanks! ......  Sue

Fenton Cobalt Favrene Vase
Silver Mount Ceramic Tibetan Teapot
Vintage Upholstered Armchair
Vintage French Bombe Chest
Leaded Glass Lamp
Antique Vase
Shield Back Chairs
English 2 over 3 Chest
Antique Dresden Demitasse
Native American Bronze
Boule Work Commode
Evert Moll Oil Seascape (16 x 31.5")
Antique Sofa
Noritake Demitasse
Brittany Two Door Carved Cabinet
William Stone (XIX) Winter Landscape
Antique Baby Stroller
Fall Front Desk
Silver Punchbowl
French Pannetiere
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