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Louis Phillippe Period Chest of Drawers

This is a great example of an antique datable to a specific period i.e. the reign of Louis Phillippe of France from 1830-1848. This example has a fold-down secretaire in the first drawer space. They also sometimes have hidden drawers at the top and / or bottom.

What we look for in these chests is that they have their orginal marble or granite tops; good figuring on the woods of the drawer fronts; the right sort of dovetail joints on the drawers and original hardware. This example has all of these.

Currently in inventory I have a burl walnut example with dark grey top; and a crotch mahogany example with light gray top streaked with white. These look great in an entrance way with a large floral display or large bronze, and a lamp. They are also popular with designers as a very high-end wash stand in a powder room. They are typically 48 inches or slightly more wide, so be careful to measure if you have a tight space!

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