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The Lesser Known Fenton

Being brought up in Europe, my idea of “art glass” was always directed towards the famous European makers like Galle, Loetz, Webb and Daum Nancy etc. But since being exposed to much more American art glass – which is rarely seen in Europe, apart from Tiffany of course – I have developed a fondness for Fenton art glass which in its highest forms I believe is equally beautiful.

This piece is # 750 of a limited edition of 950 signed by J K Spindler and is in a range that Fenton called Favrene – after the iridescent finish that Tiffany created and named “favrile”.

Fenton has now ceased manufacturing and therefore the supply has dried up and only those pieces already in circulation are available to collectors. This makes it an ideal target for a new collector, as prices are still very reasonable (for the quality) and will undoubtedly rise in value over time.

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